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    Staff Points of Contact


    The following thread will be used to clarify which members of the staff team should be contacted for specific issues. Please consider the fact that all members of staff are constantly dealing with requests and reports and should not be messaged if the issue at hand does not require their attention. We hope that you will be considerate and cooperate with the following points of contact. This will help us maximize efficiency in assisting you and will help spread the workload evenly as every staff member has a role to play and must be contacted about issues that are only relevant to the areas they oversee.


    Dirk, Leah Jones and Shawn Jarvis should only be contacted for issues in relation to staff members, server and community development, and donations. If your request does not fall under the mentioned categories, please refrain from messaging us regarding it as it simply makes it harder for us to deal with the large amount of messages that we already receive.


    For anything related to members of administration, please contact Dirk.

    You may also contact any lead administrator if you have an issue with a member of administration or for anything in regards to admin complaints.

    To post a complaint on an admin, click here:

    Server Development

    For all issues regarding the script and/or suggestions for the script please contact Leah Jones or Shawn Jarvis. To make a script-related suggestion, please post the following form:

    For issues in regards to members of development, contact head of development Leah Jones.

    Faction Management

    For anything related to faction management, please contact the respective faction mods. You can find who moderates which faction by checking this thread:

    Head of factions (Reece) must only be contacted for issues that the respective faction moderators cannot handle.

    Property Management

    For all issues concerning property, such as businesses, vehicles, and houses, please contact any admin+.

    Ban Appeals

    For inquiries related to bans, please contact Vanessa Bourne. To fill out a ban appeal, click here:

    Gangs & Families

    Any questions or concerns related to gangs & families must be directed to Reece .

    Forum Related

    Any issues with forums can be reported to Knowles.

    Old School & Chartered Old School

    All inquiries related to Old School and Chartered Old School must be directed to Sean Bears.
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    Please refer to this thread for staff points of contact:

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    Updated. Please refer to the respective admins depending on what you require assistance with.



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