Our Return

Here's a thread nobody expected to see surface so soon, but you've read it right - United States Roleplay (USRP) is back in focus and is being resumed as a community as of now. There's been quite some demand for the return of this server and I've personally received numerous messages which pertain to the poor standard of our competitor server - SARP.

The truth of it is this was highly expected. Time and time again we gave the community a heads up that the community would be the same old dump ran by the exact same management team that drove it into the ground, and statistics are indicating that this is exactly what's happening again. The primary reason we cut out of the competition was because of the previous attacks we faced as a server, and to be perfectly honest we were boxed in a corner with very little we could do.

Going forward
Through a lot of talking and convincing the decision has been made to re-enter the competition with a refurbished team with a few old/new faces. I have never lost the belief that United States Roleplay can compete and become something big and this still very much remains the case. The goal remains the same and I will ensure that the platform we provide is up to scratch with how it previously was. USRP was and still is a community that we can all collectively be very appreciative of, it constructed countless hours of nostalgia, roleplay, and most importantly fun. I am confident that with the new (and developing) team we can achieve this again.

We're in this the long run, time has been spent ensuring the stability of the server which was previously our largest downfall - rest assured we are testing actively to ensure this has been patched before we push for a relaunch date.

My property/business/cars?
Everything you had previously, you'll still have upon logging in. We've restored the latest copy of the database so you will not have lost anything in this downtime.

Are you hiring?
In the upcoming days we will be filling the essential positions for launch - this ranges from helpers, to admins, to faction leaders. You can speak to the appropriate admins and express your interest if you would like to put your name forward for a role - though this is not a statement which entitles you to spam.

What about GTA V?
Our Rage MP server remains in active development. For those of you who don't know this is roleplay.mp, we hope to see this surface in the near future and USRP's relaunch does not indicate delay of reaching that objective whatsoever. https://discord.gg/duMnja8

Where's the playerbase?
We will be doing everything in our power to reach out to former community members to ensure they are all aware that we will be back. We have set up advertiser ranks which are automatically issued when you reach the appropriate milestones on Discord. Simply generate your own invite link and spread the word that we are BACK!

Ending statement
We are extremely grateful for all of the support given to USRP over the course of its life span, help us help you by providing you with the platform that SARP continues to fail establishing.

United States Roleplay Management