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Thread: v5.0.4(d)

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    Version 5.0.4(d)

    Thank you to everyone who raised script issues to the Development Team and participated in beta testing.

    • /asellbiz does not reset the BizKey of an offline owner.
      • Upon signing in: the previous offline owner still has keys to the business that they previously owned.
    • Random unintended SA-MP server reboot(s) which ends up with the server response: "CONNECTION REJECTED: Unacceptable NickName" upon re-connecting
    • [debug] #0 002108f8 in public hook_OnPlayerDisconnect (playerid=0, reason=0) at USRP_current.pwn:10127
      • Administrators who would /q(uit) from the server would not have any of their stats saved due to this code failure.

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